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Subway Summer Surf Series

Tuesday, 1 Jul 2014

The Subway Summer Surf Series, a 13-event series will be held around Australia this summer showcasing the country’s best male... click for more

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Milwaukee Heavy Duty Hack Competition - WIN BIG!!!

Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014

The Milwaukee Heavy Duty Hack Competition is all about capturing the biggest and best power moves that surfing has to... click for more

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Surfing Australia On The Tongs With Everdure Barbecues

Friday, 25 Jul 2014

Surfing Australia will be cooking up a storm this summer with Everdure Barbecues becoming a support sponsor of the Wahu... read more

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Mick Fanning Breaks Down His J-Bay Winning Equipment

Sunday, 20 Jul 2014

Mick Fanning break downs his FCS fin set-up for his epic victory at J-Bay... read more

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