High Performance Program


“To support our Australian athletes to become the world’s best surfers and people.”

Inspired Australians
Dreams realised
Success celebrated
….all with character and courage

Performance focused

  • Real
  • Progressive
  • Respectful
  • Trustworthy

What does it look like? – Athlete focused, coach led, integrated performance teams

We offer both standard and flexible/tailored delivery options nationally and globally to identified athletes across the pathway.

  • World class programs/camps
  • Coaching
  • Performance support expertise/ solutions
  • Facilities + equipment

Business Model

  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • High Performance Centre commercial partner
  • Surf industry
  • State Institutes of Sport/State Academies of Sport
    • New South Wales Institute of Sport
    • Queensland Academy of Sport
    • Victorian Institute of Sport
    • Western Australian Institute of Sport
  • Other Government agencies
  • Australian Olympic Committee

Growth Strategy

Strengthen High Performance program.
Enhance operations.
Build depth; coaches, athletes, staff.

  • Athletes
  • Coaching
  • Camps & Competition
  • Daily Performance Environment
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Research & Innovation

Quality people connected to the ocean are our performance advantage. We identify, develop, manage and progress coaches/athletes, staff. Our structure supports our high performance charter.

Roles and Responsibilities
Right people in the right roles at the right time.

Action Plan

Operational plan linked to individual work plans.

High Performance Team

Kate Wilcomes

Kate Wilcomes

National High Performance Director

Clancy Dawson

Clancy Dawson

Performance Pathway Manager

Nakia Schubert

Nakia Schubert

Camp and Competition Manager

Glen Workman

Glen Workman

Lead Physical Preparation Provider

Chelsea Hedges

Chelsea Hedges

Talent Pathway Coach

Owen Milne

Owen Milne

High Performance Videographer

Joanna Parsonage

Joanna Parsonage

Research & Innovation / Physical Preparation

Eric Haakonssen

Eric Haakonssen

Performance Support and Podium Manager

Peter Duncan

Peter Duncan

Camps and Competition Coordinator 

John Ward

John Ward

Chief Medical Officer

Jay (Bottle) Thompson

Jay (Bottle) Thompson

Talent Pathway Coach

Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell

Wellbeing and Engagement Manager

Jason Patchell

Jason Patchell

Lead Psychologist

Paul Wiedersehn

Paul Wiedersehn


High Performance Program Proudly Supported by

Athlete Pathway

The Athlete Pathway is a series of events / programs / initiatives / projects / support mechanisms that are offered through State (State Sporting Organisations) and National (Surfing Australia) bodies to identified athletes.

The Surfing Australia National High Performance Program is primarily funded by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

See enclosed Surfing Australia’s Foundations, Talent, Elite and Mastery (FTEM) Framework.

Athlete Categorisation

The Surfing Australia National High Performance Program (SA HPP) purpose is to support our Australian athletes to become the world’s best surfers and people.

 SA HPP adopts the AIS Athlete Categorisation framework which has been developed to enable support to elite Australian athletes to pursue a commitment to performance, along their pathway to benchmark events.

 SA has developed the SA Athlete Categorisation Nomination Selection Criteria. This can be seen on the selection criteria page and is reviewed bi-annually.

Athlete Support

SA HPP support services provided to athletes, are allocated and determined by guiding principles, with the focus being on supporting individual campaigns / teams with a performance focused, athlete led, fully integrated support team.

As a decentralized model operating on a global and national scale, it offers both standard and flexible/tailored delivery options to identified athletes across the elite and talent pathway such as World class programs & camps/ Coaching Support / Performance Support Expertise/ Solutions Facilities & Equipment

Selection Criteria

Following selection criteria documents are applicable for all Team Australia teams and High Performance Program Pathways. These documents are reviewed and updated regularly.

Objectives are:

  • To select the best Australian athletes to represent the country and program.
  • To provide a clear criteria for athletes who strive toward being selected to represent their country or selection into the high performance program.

Team Lists

Surfing Australia – National Teams

Athlete Policies & Guidelines

El Salvador 2023 ISA World Surfing Games Selection Policy

Paris 2024 Surfing Nomination Criteria

Medication & Medical Management Policy

Supplements Policy

Anti Doping Policy

Member protection policy

Code of conduct

Conduct and disciplinary policy

Reviews and appeals policy

Athlete categorisation framework​

National High Performance Program Athlete Agreement

National Para Team Selection Criteria

National Junior Team Selection Criteria

Australian National Longboard Surfing Team Selection Policy

Australian National Stand Up Paddle & Paddleboard Surfing Team Selection Policy

Talent ID Camp Selection Criteria 2022

Limitless Selections Criteria

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