The SchoolGroms program offers four different packages to suit the needs of your school. It can be run as an four hour intensive session over one day, or multiple sessions in a four, six or eight hour program and is run every day over the school year.

SchoolGroms caters to kids of all levels aged between 5-12 in the water and on the sand in a fun friendly and safe environment and all equipment is provided by Surfing Australia’s coaching providers including wetsuits in all our colder climates.

Our Surfing Australia coaches are all accredited and are located at Australia’s most iconic beaches and wave pools.


SchoolGroms is our junior surfing program developed for Sporting Schools and to utilise your Sporting Schools grant.

It is based on a national program for 5-12 year olds that aims to get kids across Australia sharing the stoke that surfing brings


Surf conditions, ocean awareness, surf etiquette, beach safety and basic rescue skills are all incorporated into the SchoolGroms program.


The SchoolGroms program is available through visiting the Sporting Schools webpage at or contacting Shannon Aspinall at Surfing Australia on (02) 6671000 for more info.

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