Masters Showcase: Finals Day of Australian Surf Championships Embodies the Spirit of Longboarding

Published on 12/08/2023

The Australian Surf Championships Longboard and Logger Titles for the Master Divisions have concluded in a display of exceptional skill, camaraderie, and triumph. Taking place at Bonny Hills Beach, the surfers embraced clean conditions, providing the ideal canvas for celebrating the spirit of longboarding.

Surfing Australia Contest Director, Glen Elliott, shared his perspective on the event’s success:

“The waves have been beautiful all day with clean conditions and smallish waves. The longboarders and loggers truly reveled in these conditions. Winners emerged from nearly every state, highlighting the strength of longboard surfing in Australia. From the over 40s all the way to the over 70s age divisions, this aspect of the ASC event embodies the spirit of longboarding. It’s about family, fraternity, and the joy of old friends making new connections.”.

Jason Livingston (North Curl Curl, NSW), a dual champion in the men’s over 45 and over 50 categories, expressed his contentment with the event:

“Conditions are great; I just wish we had a bit more swell, but other than that, it’s perfect. Winds are offshore, the sun’s out, and the water is beautiful.” To the question of how many titles Livingstone has won in the past, he replied with: “I’m not quite sure. I think I’m into double figures.”

Amanda Curley (Margaret River, WA), victorious in the women’s over 50s division, spoke of the close-knit camaraderie within Team WA:

“The best part of this entire experience has been the camaraderie within Team WA. Despite being the smallest team, we’ve come a long way and supported each other throughout all the heats. It truly makes a tremendous difference when we’re out there in the surf. It’s all about that team spirit, and that’s what represents WA!”

Emma Webb (Anglesea, VIC), winner in the women’s over 40s category and achieving the highest heat score of the finals day with a total of 13.50 points, shared her thoughts on the evolving landscape of women’s divisions in the Australian Championships:

“Having so many women’s divisions is great. I believe this is what fosters the camaraderie among the women competitors. These divisions are relatively new – we have over 40s, over 50s, and even over 60s. In the past, I’d watch the men compete across numerous divisions, and I often felt like I was just waiting for my turn in the open women’s category. That’s where the camaraderie truly comes into play.”

The Australian Surf Championships Longboard and Logger Titles for the Master Divisions have showcased the essence of longboarding – a union of skill, passion, and unity. Against the backdrop of Bonny Hills Beach and the idyllic conditions, surfers from various age divisions have demonstrated their mastery and commitment to the sport, creating enduring memories and connections that exemplifies the heart of Australian surfing.

Longboard Results

O40 Men Longboard

1. Shane Baker (Murrays Beach, NSW) 8.40
2. Jock Bahen (Cowaramup, WA) 7.00
3. James Archibald (Port Macquarie, NSW) 6.40
3. Kieran Plim (Dee Why, NSW) 6.06

O40 Women Longboard

1. Emma Webb (Anglesea, VIC) 13.50
2. Honey Bec (Moffat Beach, QLD) 7.07
3. Tati Guedes (Queenscliff, NSW) 5.90
4. Suellen Goyne (Corlette ,NSW) 3.93

O45 Men Longboard

1. Jason Livingston (North Curl Curl, NSW) 11.60
2. Paul Burke (Dunsborough, WA) 7.30 
3. Liam McCafferty (McCrae, VIC) 6.26
4. Robert Petric (Buderim, QLD) 5.20

O50 Men Longboard

1. Jason Livingston (North Curl Curl, NSW) 9.84
2. Nigel Canterbury (Mermaid Beach, QLD) 8.60
3. Tom Bellisai (Mornington, VIC) 7.80
4. Robert Petric (Buderim, QLD) 5.47

O50 Women Longboard

1. Amanda Curley (Margaret River, WA) 7.06
2. Sam Wilson (Caves Beach, NSW) 4.94
3. Suellen Goyne (Corlette, NSW) 4.23
4. Lesa Prowse (Bonny Hills, NSW) 4.10

O55 Men Longboard

1. Wally Allan (Cooroy, QLD) 11.60
2. Greg Brown (Torquay, VIC) 10.14
3. Richard Smith (Manly, NSW) 8.67
4. Doug Carruthers (Margaret River, WA) 5.76

O60 Men Longboard

1. Greg Brown (Torquay, VIC) 10.54
2. Wally Allan (Cooroy, QLD) 9.03
3. Richard Smith (Manly, NSW) 8.70
4. John Fraser (Catherine Hill Bay, NSW) 8.37

O60 Women Longboard

1. Andrea Bohm (Sydney, NSW) 10.34
2. Leanne Hopwood (Bonny Hills, NSW) 6.36
3. Cheryl Buck (Colonel Light Gardens, SA) 4.63
4. Rosie Sinkora (Noosa Heads, QLD) 3.00

O65 Men Longboard

1. Mike Pimm (Casuarina, NSW) 9.46
2. Storm Carter (Kingscliff, NSW) 6.56
3. Bruce Dunne (Coolum Beach, QLD) 6.50
4. Brent Moss (Esperance, WA) 4.36

O70 Men Longboard

1. Danny Bond (Blue Bay, NSW) 10.50
2. George Watt (Bonny Hills, NSW) 7.04
3. Denis Carberry (Burleigh Heads, QLD) 6.84
4. Earle Page (Arrawarra Headland, NSW) 5.83

Logger Results

O40 Men Logger

1. Ben Williams (Gold Coast, QLD) 11.36
2. Jock Bahen  (Cowaramup, WA) 10.74
3. Shane Baker (Murrays Beach, NSW) 8.93
4. James Archibald (Port Macquarie, NSW) 7.80

O40 Women Logger

1. Juliana Scopel (Gerroa, NSW) 10.83
2. Honey Bec (Moffat Beach, QLD) 9.80
3. Melanie Renton (Ocean Grove, VIC) 6.97
4. Tati Guedes (Queenscliff, NSW) 6.17

Please see the website for a full list of winners.

Australian Surf Championships – Port Macquarie, NSW (Aug 4 – 21)

  • Opening Ceremony: August 4
  • Australian Longboard Titles: August 5 – 12
  • Australian Para Surfing Titles: August 13
  • Australian Bodyboard Titles: August 14 – 16
  • Australian Shortboard Titles: August 17 – 21

More details on website HERE.

Stay up to date with event info and daily confirmation of event locations by joining the Australian Surf Championships 2023 WhatsApp community HERE.

Entry to the Australian Titles is by state qualification or invitation.

The Australian Surf Championships are proudly supported by the NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW as well as Port Macquarie Hastings Council, Le Tan, Stroud Homes, Bonny Hills Beach Hotel, Jim Beam, Stoddart Group, One Agency North Haven and Surfing NSW.

Jason Livingston won both the over 45 and over 50 Longboard titles. Image: Kurt Polock

Emma Webb took out the over 40 Women’s Longboard final with the highest heat score of 13.50. Image: Kurt Polock

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